Meet The Team At
Basement & Crawlspace Solutions of Chattanooga

Cody White

Born on an Army base in Augsburg Germany while my dad served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army 1st Infantry division. Married with an 11 year old daughter and two real large dogs. Most recent super fun traveling experience was the Tennessee VS. Indiana at the “Gator Bowl”.

  • Role Model: My role model is my dad, best person I know and an awesome grandfather. Hanging out with my family is a priority of mine but professionally I leave no stone unturned and give every single detail my fullest attention. Bet your ass on that!
  • Favorite hobby: Fishing
  • Greatest Fear: Heights, “that’s why I work in basements and crawlspaces”
  • Favorite Book Red Storm Rising – Tom Clancy “I love old war era fiction”

Christopher Higgins

Born right here in Chattanooga TN, I traveled around a bit since then and lived in upstate New York where I met my wonderful wife. We decided to move back to Chattanooga so we could let my dad be around his grand babies, one baby boy and baby girl that should be here very soon. We also wanted to move back to Chatt because we love it here.

  • Role model: My role model is my dad “yes the one and only Ernest Joseph Higgins he does so many great things and helps out so many people”
  • Favorite hobby: Playing drums and spending time with my family
  • Greatest fear: Heights
  • Fav book: The Xanth series

Peter Scott

Born in Corpus Christy, TX and a transplant to Chattanooga when I was just a young lad. Ive been working in crawlspaces and doing foundation work for over 14 years. “There isn’t much out there that surprises me anymore”. I have been married for 5 years and we have one beautiful little girl.

Most interesting travel experience is when I got the opportunity to go on a fishing trip with my grandpa for an entire week.

  • Role Model: Elon Musk “this guy will forever be a game changer in all technology our children’s children will see”
  • Fav Hobby: Swimming “used to be Jiu Jitsu but now I like swimming a little more”
  • Greatest Fear: Not accomplishing my goals
  • Favorite Book: All the Harry Potter series

Jonathan Cousineau

Straight out of High School Jonathan enlisted in the Marine Corp where he served my 4 years as a Lance Corporal and spent two of those years in Japan. Right out of the Marine Corp came to work here at Basement and Crawlspace Solutions. With him he brought a great work ethic and a desire to work hard and do whatever it takes to get the job completed. Jonathan works best when their is heavy things to be moved or concrete that needs to be jackhammered!!

  • Role model: Former SGT from the Corp
  • Fav Hobby: Fishing
  • Greatest fear: Letting others down
  • Fav Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*^@

David Ramsey DJ

DJ is another born and Bred Chattanoogan, and proud of it. DJ is the perfect candidate when it comes to smaller tight crawlspaces not just because his size but his attention to detail also. With an upbeat attitude DJ brings a lot to the teams.

  • Role Model : “My Dad”
  • Fav hobby: Fishing and Skateboarding
  • Fav book: Harry Potter
  • Greatest Fear: Snakes

“I am quiet at first but once you get to know me I really open up”

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