Chattanooga Spray Foam Insulation
Installation & Removal

Spray Foam Insulation

Are You Looking To Save Money?

At Basement & Crawlspace Solutions, we apply a variety of insulation products throughout the homes of the greater Chattanooga area each and every day. Spray foam insulation is created at your home, right before it is installed. This is done by properly combining and heating two different components to cause a chemical reaction. This is why it’s important for you, the homeowner, to pick the right Chattanooga spray foam insulation company that has the experience and training with all different types of insulation.

At Basement & Crawlspace Solutions, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of foams available, such as:

  • one-part & two-part foam
  • open-cell & closed-cell spray foam
  • low pressure & high pressure spray foams
  • removal and repair

We are happy to answer all your questions, like how much spray foam insulation costs, and which insulation type is best for the design and square footage of your home.

Signs of a basement waterproofing problem

At Basement & Crawlspace Solutions, we seal and insulate your existing home saving you money and energy, while keeping you more comfortable. No matter how extreme the temperature gets outside, we will help make your home or office more enjoyable.

Why should I use spray in insulation?

Spray foam insulation is the only insulation that is animal resistant any loose fill insulation or rolled insulation can be a decent insulator but its even better at offering rodents a nice place to call home also. Spraying foam in your attic can drastically lower your utility bills and offer more of a usable space fo you in your attic. Look at your current insulation, is there small holes in the insulation? We call this “tunneling” caused by small rodents. also look if there are any droppings from pests or chewed on electrical wires, these issues can pose serious health risks and costly as well. We make sure your attic and roof can still properly “breathe” extending the life of roof shingles and materials. Do you have any insulation in your crawlspace that is falling down? Its likely because some of those rodents have been sleeping on it, now its ineffective and nasty. Call us NOW if you see any of these issues. We can remove all this damaged insulation and spray in new stuff quickly!!

Please contact us online or call us at 423-320-8883 to learn more about our foundation repair services or to schedule a time for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!